THE VENT 🎵 FGTeeV Among Us Music Video feat. Raptain Hook


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    Imposters FGTeeV & Raptain Hook take on crewmates but there's a twist!.. OoOO, Skip is Sus!
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    Animated by Rachel Seon
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    1. Angel Beatriz Faye Magadia


    2. Angel Beatriz Faye Magadia

      among us ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

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      I really like you all

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      Fgteev what is your real name

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      Not cool k

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      You got caught FG TV

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      my fav song

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      I love y'all guys and wish to meet u

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      You was a imposter cool

    13. Oghomwen George

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    14. fgteev fan

      This so good and fgteev its so sus

    15. LEAN JING RAY Moe

      can imposter kill imposter?????

      1. Siren Head

        No do you even know how to play?

    16. BroMoVilla

      Bro the beat is 🔥

    17. Keanne Del Rosario

      Did anyone see elsa there? Oh and love your vids

    18. Macarlery Kitchens

      I love in front of boy killed you 😆♥️

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    20. Roberto Sontay Velasquez

      i agree with think

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      I love your videos watch them all 🖥

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      bro this cool song i did this song like 890

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      That's so cool!😃

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    30. Overgamer9000


    31. Overgamer9000

      FG TeeV You Tebe

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    33. Bayley W

      U sus

    34. Anayah Mehmood

      this is my fav fgteev song XD

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    36. Henry Martinez

      Funnelboy hacked confirmed 3:23

    37. Brunilda Xhelili

      This song is so osem I love it and I like the part of the end with the "smiley face on his aye😄😄😄😄😄

    38. Fallon Raine

      I watched this like 30 times LOL great song 👍👍

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      Among us thin my music

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      This was giving me vibes

    48. Tolu Tewobola

      Who wins...? Imposter or cremates?

    49. Vanessa Ausbie-Walley

      Bro thing is cool 😎

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      This is very cool fgteev duddy

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      I heard this song 100000000 times

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    53. kameela Noor

      This fire

    54. Attallah Akiko

      I love the vent it is so cool I like the part when he says piggy having trouble swiping her card

    55. Cecilia Gavrila

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    56. Bee Jay

      fteev i love u guys soooooooo much keep up the good work :)

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      What thinknoodles said it’s 🔥☄️💥

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    59. aryan playz roblox

      This so sus

    60. Syeda Fariah Ahmed

      The vant 💿🎞🎞🎞🤩


      I like your videos

    62. ꧁rosey꧂

      My favorite part was when dudz say “I saw that chick Elsa in electrical so imma go tell her that we’re sorry we have to let her go”

    63. Moux.

      I like this video I like it because I'm going to see him soon so bye I'm going to watch you come on I can't believe you do it do all your music I believe you fgteev come on okay bye

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      Me : *trying to sing the song* My friends looking at me singing like im choking 🤣

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    76. KK - 03TH 866578 Fernforest PS

      The number 1 thing you don’t wanna hear in among us “What man it wasn’t me”

    77. Caden Slaven

      When will we get a video of the toxic tv?a.

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      It's so nice

      1. Samaya Dillard

        TV I love you

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    82. Altagracia Nunez

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    98. Mia la mia mi corazon

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      U Stupid fgteev MOre like Stupid tv

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