AMONG US Fake Mobile Games Compilation (FGTeeV Ripoff Review)


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    This video was recorded prior to an IT unPROFESSIONAL taking down all of our work! So we are not back to regularly making vids but this was salvaged and hopefully you can enjoy the hard work that went into making this vid! Shawn and I check out a bunch of rip off mobile games and a "real life" Among Us sus crewmate messes with us! Thumbs up for fEEgEE vids!
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    1. Amy Pope

      listen to what shawn says 2:24

    2. Enraged Ares

      3:39 that way you can be nice and hungry AHH

    3. April Klein

      6:24 to 6:35 I laugh so hard it sounds like I’m crying!

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    5. Prince Ma'arij-Ala Rebudan

      I don't see space man

    6. Jayden Williams

      Yeah vote Sean

    7. jojoandthebunnnysquad

      Shawn is sus

    8. jojoandthebunnnysquad


    9. jojoandthebunnnysquad


    10. Ella Beauty Products

      Bad yellow 0:00

    11. Enraged Ares


    12. Yousof Al-Sayes


    13. Ahmed Hazem the gamer

      The year for example of an office Our

    14. Salesi Osborne

      You are ejected。  •   ゚。   . .    .    。 。.  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • I told you I was not the Impostor •.

    15. baby vaddampudi

      Paper 📜 is taste

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    17. Nash Singh

      Ooo game launcher samsung I have game launcher on my 2017 or 2018 phone 🤣😂👍

    18. Bella Abayon


    19. Raphael Inigo Montefalcon

      11:13 to 11:16 that is good parenting right there

    20. Carolina Jasso

      Duddy: Theres a Smell among us as well HAHAHAHA Me: um i guess ill laugh haha

    21. Austynn Colon

      ok Magarro.

    22. Matheus Palhuca

      Vote yelow guys tô vote click the like botom

    23. Gabriel Islam

      🙍🏽🤷🏾 Lm

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    25. Enraged Ares

      3:59 XD

    26. RYAN ferreira

      I joined in 2013 :v

    27. Oscar Hughes

      That’s the game I have

    28. Johra Aldea

      I fell bad to Shawn he got his tiktok account banned 😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Raphael Inigo Montefalcon


    29. Enraged Ares

      3:59 STOP LIL BABY STOP CRYING (Also very ultra funny XD)


      its disturbing seeing a bird dead

    31. Nicholas Daehnke

      Play death rush on camera but I want to see

    32. Eloisa Montes

      i love it can you make super funny

    33. L8T0N


    34. Flamingo Abby

      Hey fgteev can you friend request me on Roblox please I really want to be your friend in Roblox and in real life My name is Chris gr 2013

    35. Olivia O'Neil

      I like your cut G *Shawn slaps daddy*

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    37. Yasein Amr

      oh no

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    39. Jordy Amaya


    40. Lilli B

      Dave I did not annoying me I love you Mam❤️

    41. Lilli B

      K Aa

    42. Lilli B

      ;Relation Siri I didn’t know this but I am a killer well I’m not actually killer FGTV I’m literally a big fan of you

    43. Ramazan Küpcü


    44. JAY FAMily

      Fgteev alarm

    45. duck 255

      i like when shawn says cut that out

    46. Lizzy XD

      I'm a youtuber now too!

    47. Stuart R

      Know why Tyler

    48. Diana Garcia

      🤣🤣 the litle baby end the padteic

    49. Matthew Graffagnino

      Shawn is very sus

    50. Nandanie Farrow

      Going on

    51. Eax Johnson Robert

      6:24 ahhhhh that Hurt

    52. Eri c Escobedo

      I have the Fgteev mick

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    58. Karen Almeñana

      lil baby: im not a baby.

    59. Karen Almeñana

      fgteev: STOP IT LIL BABY Me: ✨ j u m p y. j u m p y✨

    60. Dezia Aiken

      This video it was very funny do you are you remember what happened for real the garage again better be like OK Your house sneak in your house

    61. zach plays Roblox

      4:17 STOOOOOOOOOOOP 5:30:what is bkue?

    62. icry pixels

      lol the first game is goozy

    63. Drone Zee

      Amog us

    64. Kayla Sullivan

      Lil. Baby copyright strike and no this is Patric

    65. tomasz robieniek

      Ughhhh i miss when he was playing hello neighbor

    66. Kimberly Byrom

      I died of laughter when dudz was beating up a fall guy among us character lol 🤣

      1. Dina ferreira

        Brian is not listening Brian is now Allison Brian is Dallas and then Brian is not listening because Brian is a bad boy and I go to call 911

    67. List Family

      Lil baby is a good song

    68. Kenley Cam

      I am such a big fan

    69. Unicorn Boss


    70. Unicorn Boss


    71. sharknado noah

      I like mungas because I like so much

    72. Jensen Teal

      Shawn is so annoying

    73. RobotCorny

      11:10 do you know the code

    74. RobotCorny

      1:19 do you know code


      I like when you say I have to read it is funny

    76. Jenn S

      Vote shawn he sus then dudz

    77. Alicia Steck

      0:18 wait that’s illegal

    78. Anna Hendricks

      For 10 weeks

    79. Anna Hendricks

      Sorry fgteev I was not allow d to which

    80. Terri McCleary

      Vote blue he is sus

    81. Julius

      6:52 😂

    82. Yomara Perez


    83. Galaxy Guy

      Fun fact: amoung us used to be called space mafia

      1. BFDI

        It used to

      2. Argelia Rodriguez

        no lol

    84. Reina Melendez


    85. Corey Clelland

      Among us

    86. Layson McAda

      Duddy also u should stop screaming my mom says ur always screaming so my mom calls u annoying

    87. Layson McAda

      Duddy u could play the music but edit it out also u should give Shawn away

    88. Lucy Yates

      *shawn* imma put my feet in this 🎩

    89. CearyalLayer102

      Cringy intro

    90. Mary June Laspuna

      FGTeeV can you fix the nofians?

    91. jk Zapata

      I am in vkse

    92. Eri c Escobedo

      Vote yellow a I saw him Kill 9000 Tims

    93. Eri c Escobedo


    94. Eri c Escobedo

      Vote Shawn he’s sus a lot vote him now befor he kills us all

    95. Shantelle Woods

      Your videos are always funny🤪😂❤️

    96. Asta-Leigh T

      I know what the code is 000

    97. Mason Spiteri


    98. Mason Spiteri

      3:42 vote Shaurn

    99. pitbullpete1979

      FG TV issue I know he’s imposters