Bad Guys At School 2! They Made Me DO THIS! (FGTeeV vs SHARK)


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    Thanks for everyone's patience with our slow uploads! Still working on being the best we can be and sometimes that means a hard reset. This was a video that was lost during our server mishap back in December when a really dumb IT person did something he shouldn't have done. Thumbs up for Lake Gurkeys!
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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      Your videos are so funny and i am a biggest fan and i am 11 years old my birthday is on March 17

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    12. Bentley Mitchell

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    14. Vuyani Molo

      I love that he stoped to look left and right before thowing that guy i the water

    15. Tripti Talukdar

      Sing granny's house somg

    16. Margie Ayala


    17. talkingROYfriends

      You got to play My talking Tom Friends watch talking Roy friends that's me I have a lot of videos watching them all

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    19. RAOL__XD

      Fgteev:look left side and right side me: there's no cars

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    21. Fredric Marcellus Rivera

      where is the lake ???

    22. Kim Fonda

      I made my make a wish to meet you and the whole family

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    24. Ellie Hi my name is ELLIE

      FTV is backkk!!! Omg it has been so long I have waited over 100 days for u to have a vid!!

    25. Ouwilly25

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    26. Lurkyy

      funny fgteev duddy

    27. wolfy sis galaxy love

      Sorry if im late but i watched you guys when i was 3 and i still watch you guys and i will all the time :3

    28. Caroline Byrne

      He’s back

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    30. Seb Harrison

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    32. Crissy Alsonado

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    34. tRixVol.4 Ildefonso

      In the next episode he should run over a student or an teacher 😂

    35. Naomi Chu

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    36. Preston Depew

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    40. Anthony Negrete

      It’s funny how everyone’s childhood on here consisted on watching IRflow m. Mine was playing outside. Now that’s a real childhood.

      1. drip kid 11

        Mine was playing ps4

      2. drip kid 11


    41. angelcuz123 countrybois

      Plz play friday night funkin

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      Duddz can you play bild it its on moble pls.

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    57. Ryan Chaos Control

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    58. Armord Pro

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    63. Nategaming42

      Can you please play bee swarm again bro it is a great game and keep on working hard

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    65. Kianny Acosta

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    73. Matthew Reazola25

      3:01 you can find that hat in a game called The Park it is a great horror game

    74. Brent Winters

      Only the og’s remember skylander shorts!

    75. KMG ACECO

      what a shark bro why

      1. KMG ACECO

        ok i will kill the shark bro [ lets gooooooo ]

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