GOOZY #2! Escape Door or Save Shawn? (FGTeeV Mobile Game)


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    What would you do, Escape or Save your Family? haha well this was close!
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    Part 1: GOOZY #1! Slime Monster Prop Hunt (FGTeeV's New Mobile Game)
    There's a GOOZY game AMONG US! (FGTeeV NEW Mobile Game + A.U. Deleted Scenes)
    Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    1. FGTeeV

      GZY is back at it again! Thanks for not listening to me !!!! Have you downloaded it yet? It's Free!

      1. akram moe

        @Husein Bazzi e

      2. Xrysa Xrysou

        Grandpa is BENDY

      3. Alex Ferguson

        Hi GuYs I watched you when I was 4 now I'm 7 your the best and remember when Shawn punched ghost 👻 and can I have a shout out please burr

      4. Moon Wolf

        I downloaded it geez

      5. Alexus Valdez

        @Brittney Keenan jko

    2. Keyliani Cotto

      This game is great but i think a Multiplayer Mode would be great and that you can add friends! It’s not obligated, just a suggestion but although this game is just great 👌

    3. William Brooks

      This is my only chance and can you give me some ideas how to play Goozy

    4. William Brooks

      Can I have roebucks please I really need it I’m very poor

    5. Reagan Johnson

      Call her dominos

    6. Jacob Daniel

      My crore

    7. Jacob Daniel


    8. vannie lowe


    9. Agustin Cardoso

      Felician name this dog that's in Gucci dolly

    10. Lee Grant


    11. Anya Webb

      Bet you coming bet you coming were he go

    12. Francine Dinah Porcalla

      Allesa maybe!!!!!!!!

    13. Kolamkottu Films

      nice game

    14. Ismael Torres

      Oh ya and fgteev is cool I love fgeev

    15. tanya tasha

      ay am a fan uv your video

    16. Anya Webb

      Quickly-er going down the stairings

      1. Anya Webb

        I don't really care

      2. Adam Almasri

        Its actually quickly-er-ing going down the staring keep listening to him saying it and you'll agree with me

      3. Adam Almasri


    17. Anya Webb

      fgteev should make a song about goozy. :)

    18. Lydia Gaspar

      Fgteev wow1

    19. Beeta Pour

      I love ❤️ this Fgteev. Be🦾🦾fgteev

    20. emily and Lola Vincent

      I am a huge fan of y’all ❤️❤️❤️

    21. L & J Daalmeyer

      Name the doll stichey

    22. Amari Clarke


    23. Elite Soundz

      The name for the dolly is Tima

    24. Jean Somy-Bass


    25. Jean Somy-Bass


    26. Juan Magana


    27. Miss LaddY MissLadYY

      Fgteev I have your brand new mobile game calledgoozy

    28. lele mc

      You should call the doll tina

    29. lele mc

      Can you get fgteev emojis

    30. Kimberly Griffin

      the dolls name shod be silly sally

    31. Terry Pursel

      Nice game

    32. Anya Webb

      My score in goozy. Is 562

    33. Julio Perez

      i want to win but goozy is getting me all day but thank you fgteev for makeing goozy i love it

    34. taaha fgtv

      What's upfgtv

    35. Brittany Brown

      The name should be dum dum dum dolly

    36. Kayleigh Bowyer

      Name the doll Creepy Anabella

    37. Ariandali

      Name the doll lily

    38. GoozyGameplay

      there is a vent next to that closet 1:56. if goozy go's next to the closet that means he vented. he vented that's why he is gone 2:15

    39. Takis On ipad

      ; ;

    40. Earl John Lanting

      Fun house family hi guys

    41. Bacem Ghali

      wy it oreo o not a dog

    42. Bacem Ghali

      ok good play goozy !@#$%^&*()

    43. Felicia Angelyn


    44. Always Aries

      A name for the doll is lolo

    45. Scooter Dom

      Doll the name of it will be dolls

    46. Laaj Hawj

      I love it when he say quickly are going downstairs rings

    47. Marzena Tybel


    48. gfjfififot gUfud


    49. eatxiety

      Sorry I have too much apps

    50. Bluey Riverside

      i have the app GOOZY

    51. Magic Hands

      not cool

    52. Aida Tasovac


    53. jandriel rodriguez


    54. Lorial Thomas

      Fgteev you said you could download it no matter what i looked it up on app store and it showed no results

    55. Rebeecag Maradiaga

      Lnnhbjn bb

    56. Melba Marcia

      If Think you should call the girl doll little lexxy

    57. Rr Aa


    58. Pencka Gancheva

      I can't get Goozy i use Amazon not google play only Amazon

    59. Bryceon 3000


    60. Lemuel Blanco

      I’m going to name the doll Dolly

    61. Marlene M

      He had three teachers I bought to go to the game and I can’t subscribe because I have to do something to make this a crime so please can I be your friend I really wanna see you but I can’t becaus

    62. Juan Munoz


    63. gaudencio beltran

      we have no money

    64. gaudencio beltran

      i want to download it but we have no internet or data

    65. Amber Beauchem

      I beat that on extreme mode

    66. Roisin Cassidy

      I am a fan in roblox i have goozy

    67. Nina Love

      It won’t let me download Guzy on the App Store

    68. Tonisha Griffin


    69. Erikascott k

      Because I want to download it to that I can get it it’s not On. The App Store:(

    70. Erikascott k

      I’m just asking can it be on the App Store too? 🥺

      1. Francisca Cruz


      2. Tuti Ortega

        In iPad and phone

    71. Puppy RAINBOW


    72. Crissy Ferguson

      hello i have a theory: its possible cupcakes make him grow faster

      1. McKayla Oldham

        I'm a big fan!

    73. TomBray Madison


    74. Selene Deniz


    75. Garong Qingcuo


    76. mina omg

      Name the doll mina

    77. Melanie Tayson


    78. rique Hernandez hernandez


    79. A19

      duddy im your fan can i join your cennel pls

    80. A19

      fgteev im your fan dude

    81. Shaka Arthur

      duddy that is the slimevac you drop. colour blind👀

    82. Amanda Vasquez


    83. anand zagar


    84. Erka the warrior is VERY ANGRY


    85. Kizmet Schopper

      At 9:09 Lex: AFK

    86. Kenzie F

      Who did you guys save 1st I saved chase 1st

    87. Kalen Hanson

      HOW DO I GET IT??

      1. Kalen Hanson

        Because I tried to get it, but I can’t find it

    88. hentai dude

      i hav goozy 😃

    89. Breanna LaFleur


    90. theresa afzali

      I love derpy bacon 🥓 and meg🥚

    91. theresa afzali

      I’m a big fan of this channel 🤩

    92. theresa afzali


    93. theresa afzali

      I love it💕

    94. theresa afzali

      I like it I’ve got it and played it 🤣

    95. channell Strand


    96. Sonia Osarobo

      Tt😲 $#8€€€€¥£0ol 8th 😈😈

    97. Steffy Cordero

      I think my thing to be save is like throw cupcake then GO inside a room

    98. Shyla Brissey


    99. Melanie Collier

      Is that a real goozy slime vac gun and where did you get it.

    100. chandra kishor

      Tat little girl name is archit