AMONG US @ the MOVIE THEATERS! Gameplay + Hide and Seek + Real Life Cosplay (FGTeeV)


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    Cannot believe this worked! 6 Players, 6 Theaters, Let's Go!!!! Thumbs up if you love this vid and the Scooby Doo moment at the end. :)
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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      Yoo, can we get this to 12m Views (1 for each camera) within 6 days (1 for each movie theater)??? Haha. Thanks for watching ers!! And have you all downloaded our new game G Z Y?? Its free!!!! Click this 》 Http://

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        I am the 8.8k likes on this 😀😀

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        Great job you got 18M I wish you have 24 or 34M

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        Uxfdd et tftt tattoo ttsdx cry g omg C lk😋😍😝😗

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    4. senoussi ouahiba

      Yanis bon

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      BOOM I Like That This Is Movie BOOM 🤯

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      fgteev im a big fan

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      Who is Nala or napa and ammeiah

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      Doesn’t download it does

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    11. Wyatt Campbell

      I'm I stupid

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      7:44 to 7:46 LOL

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    15. jessicalynnv

      shawn: AHHHHH MUM! shawn: wait why did i just call my mom, mum?

    16. May Bettesworth

      Shawn:ah mom wait why did I call my mom mom

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      5:57 shawn is going to explote

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      By the way tell Chase I said hi

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      PS Shawn is so cute

    34. jill the ard ciggy lass

      seriously you don’t know how much this video is hurting me internally. like i have had to go to a MENTAL hospital because of this because i was always told that among us was in real life ( ) and like you’ve done it in theatre?! 😬😬😬⁉️❓❓❓❓⁉️❓❓❔❔❔❔

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      FG TV when Cove it is over want to come to sky zone with us

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      Duddy’s 1000 IQ Game Play was ..

    39. Andra Bintang The Gamer YT cringe :I

      I like how shawn punching Nala, like ya cut g

    40. Butterfly Cousins

      Ummmmm werid

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    42. Matteo :D

      I miss old fgteev when was just minecraft and lego on the channel

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      This was sus

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      Not going to lie but goozy It’s like my favorite game in my iPad because one FGTeeV Set it I’m like going to the App Store I got bored of it and it wasn’t even my favorite game but now it is like I play every single day and I always get a Luck from it I got the yellow I get the red I get the yellow And the red and I get the little slimy dudes like like the whole family FGTeeV When I get them I die no way but I always play like what my parents say it’s time to go to bed I ignore them and like Goozy Goozy Goozy Goozy Goozy Goozy When my parents ground me Are you secretly or usually I DK but I usually get my phone and start playing Goozy

    47. Zero Two Love

      No. Red

    48. MazinSound

      Watch this part where lex’s discord Icon lights up at the beginning of the round 2:27 After watching, you’d probably be confused when she wasn’t muted saying “oh gosh..”

    49. Epicman99

      12:03 R.I.P Promise

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      1:05 blue was an imposter

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    56. Chelsea Egger

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    57. Franklin's Stuff

      I'm 12 (yes I'm " not supost to be on IRflow " but how cars) and this is still entertaining good god👍👍👍👍👍❤

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    77. Kaiya Fleury

      6:30 mom says he is lying then she regrets what she says

    78. xX_FoxLover_Xx

      Mike beating up the among us thing had me dying

    79. Kaiya Fleury

      At 6:12 or somthing lex just kills Shawn and fgteev dudz just runs away 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    80. Kaiya Fleury

      LOL I love this video

    81. bee swarm simulator fan 9203

      It would be creepy if one of the ghost is on background

    82. Galaxy _wolf

      I laugh so hard when duddz scream when Lexi killed Shawn and just ran away instead of just reporting the body😂😂😂

    83. Noli Daley

      Moomy has 0 IQ

    84. Zara Akmal

      Hey dudzz can u reply to my comment I have a question for the question is djdne did dndc and cjcd jdndkdd. Cjcnxn cc d......... . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. .. sxmxmw dmddmownddccjndosndosn???????.?..c.d.c.d.c c actually that's not the question is.... I played in a movie theater I played among us in a movie theater and I played with my 10 friends and teacher so 9 friends and 1 teacher 10 people we were recording but we didnt have time to edit or upload

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    86. Harley Withers

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