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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    1. FGTeeV

      Yo This MAP is INSANE!!! Have you ever seen this many games mashed up in one mod? What's you're favorite themed room? Also Download GOOZY now (link in description), there's a Thanksgiving Update... Vid coming soon!

      1. Zayaan Ayesha

        I have votted the imposter 🚒🥰😂😆🚝🚲😂🚝⛏️💔💔💔💔💔

      2. Rishan Mahatheva

        i want this map

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        @Your very own Paris lover 😂 lol

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      ILOVE to see your videos honestly ILOVE you all Guys click the subscribe and click the like and I LOVE YOU all♥️

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      Hey FGTEEV you son said bad or word

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      Think is Shawn son hahahahahahahaha

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      Is FGTeev Family

    7. Diane Kirk

      The middle of nowhere is so funny

    8. Damien Yozack A. Ancajas

      I think chase forget to say that mike vented but chase forgot to say no one is there at shield LoL

    9. Diar didi

      Staying In your brother

    10. 7 deadly sin Ban

      You guys talk so much

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      You shud do the mod of the airship

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      I don't know why chase always susing People


      yo they sing the chikhen song from lanky box

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      18:03 WAS THAT THINK

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      daniel i play among us

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      daniel vid

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      U guys are awesome!!!! My mom is going to get me the newBOOK !!!!

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      Scary Among us 👹👹

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      Piggy is a bad game

    38. nighthunter883

      FGTEEV 1

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      Chase has a terrible Squid impression

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      You were sus

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      Um no not 100000 likes

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      You have probably shoved 10 Memes into this video

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      I like the part where Mike said you capin hard!!!

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      No your name is G TV daddy FGTEEV peaches she’s giving Mike FGTEEV and if G TV Sean for TV mommy and also Oreo hip-hop your dog

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      That’s how you really wanna call you but at the calling up there’s a let me the color so I’m gonna see on my phone I can call you FG TV daddy

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      And then I just cried and cried and quit keep crying when I don’t download the Gucci game I was keep crying keep getting crying

    51. Saleh Ahmed

      I like their AC TV I like you you’re a Guzy character like that let the turkey Guzy yeah in the in the Goerke the gun tool yeah that’s so cool when I tried to download the Gucci game and then it doesn’t let me trying to download the Gucci game and I was trying and I really want to play that so do you want to play this so bad we need a try I try to download it and then it doesn’t let me play that I was so sad and really I try to download on the iPad try that then load up my phone and it keeps not give me the egg keeps not do that let me download the game I was so stressed out and then I thought you have a a in chapter 2 Gucci game and then I tried to download it… It doesn’t let me I was so sad

    52. Legandary bat

      Chase says it’s Mike I was looking at the vent I didn’t see it open

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    57. shadow claw

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