MINECRAFT Lucky Block Build Challenge + AMONG US Win! (FGTeeV Double Collab)


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    I haven't played MINECRAFT in a Long Time, so be KIND or else you'll get coal for Xmas! After the Build Challenge, enjoy another COLLAB Among Us Session. 👍 This vid plz.
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    My Minecraft Build Opponent @PrestonPlayz
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      I see you have my house tutorial in your thumbnail, nice choice lol

      1. Jaimie Morgan

        @FGTeeV love you FGTeev

      2. master juv fan


      3. New Train For MTR ⵣ

        @FGTeeV hi fgteev!

      4. Xxxgli0cho furxxX

        @Wron Jonah they will probably will soon give them time cuz almost all the games they play I know I’m asking cuz I want them to play but I will give time I will keep saying it in all their comments but I repeat they will probably play it soon

      5. Wron Jonah

        @Xxxgli0cho furxxX they are not gounna play it.

    2. Santhiya Thirumurugan

      nice work fgteev i like it 👍👍👍

    3. Minibpip

      I did not know that Preston was your friend

    4. hassan ismail

      DUDE he is so bad

    5. Shiplu Khastagir


    6. Lrn Krt

      I’m a fan of Preston and you

    7. M A

      Play minecrarft

    8. villaskulcs Gamer

      i like Preston and you too FGTeeV

    9. Dave Collier

      Fgteev is the best in the world

    10. evbrales morcilla


    11. Angelo Candello

      A trampoline fortress

    12. Amerun Nahin

      fgte your house was the best

    13. kyle3900 kyle3900


    14. cesar torres

      Do a speedrun

    15. Lifthi Khan

      you have playing minecaft

    16. Paul LaMarr

      FGTeeV he’s right yours better ps you should of told Preston to give commands

    17. Sonny Nguyen

      I see you

    18. Sonny Nguyen

      I watch your videos

    19. Sonny Nguyen

      Can you play more Minecraft

    20. 7 deadly sin Ban

      When you throw the coin the tnt spawn well your in creative

    21. Stan-StefanTube

      your the vest

    22. Ana Hernandez

      I love your videos MAKE more Minecraft videos

      1. Ana Hernandez

        @Paul LaMarr 😌😚

      2. Paul LaMarr

        Ya you should

    23. Winston’s Cool Stuff

      Actually no Preston film the video with you I see the other part with Preston OMG it is him

    24. Winston’s Cool Stuff

      Oh it is not Preston because and the body is detached so it’s not him

    25. Winston’s Cool Stuff

      Oh my cool you got to play with Preston plays 😁 I wish I could

    26. Poppy Smart

      I love fgeev love prestilolay

    27. Ana Laguardia


    28. chuy Perez

      I have the same as your minecraft name and prestons avatar omg

    29. Gladys & Ari

      No me voy a poder

    30. KSL Family


    31. Jonathan Snapp

      Do it with uspeakablegaming

    32. Veena P

      I have a Minecraft creator code that works on craftsman building craft that is 1410403532 and that works on seed section

    33. Desmond Collier

      It was at this moment that he knew he freaked up

    34. Corey Clelland

      I love your house 🏠

    35. Corey Clelland

      FGTeeV house is gggggggooooooodddddddd

    36. xxxtentacion Black


    37. Erin Smith

      Among us dad server

    38. Zac Zach

      That’s Gold not butter

    39. Aadiy MS

      I watch preston as well

    40. shayne perez

      😭 please play some more minecraft

    41. shayne perez

      Please play more minecraft ft tv daddy

    42. shayne perez

      Fgteev dolly play-doh play-doh more minecraft

    43. Mohamad Hasan7


    44. Genevieve Domagas

      Ahaah i like when the tnt fall off😂😂😂

    45. sarai salazar

      Can you please play Minecraft?

    46. Elsa Garcia

      I am sad because I lost my account of Roblox

    47. Erika Norris

      So don't hate

    48. Erika Norris

      I am bad

    49. RazorREH!


    50. Zhong Yao


    51. TacoBear_ 1213

      It s ok

    52. Nicole Olivacce

      Reston fgteev both of our 1

    53. Jake Simpson


    54. Angelo Louissaint

      omg preston

    55. Sydney Frasier

      Fee gee is sus

    56. Sydney Frasier

      Ha! Can't even play among us.

    57. Sydney Frasier

      Ha-ha Piggy


      Wow fgteev you are the best Minecraft player I’m the worst player

    59. C Clarke

      You suck but I liked your video and subscribe

    60. Sean Rhajel Catanyag

      Your house is cool then all of the houses

    61. Sean Rhajel Catanyag

      Yooo is me im back yoo this cool

    62. Lucas Hernandez Robles

      I think you should make a battle versus your son chase

    63. Lucas Hernandez Robles

      Also how did you even use lucky blocks of cheese TV and like you have to practice tomorrow play Minecraft like make 100 bales like Maycraft me down with 100 skeletons in 100 zombies they make others mom‘s moms furniture

    64. TA

      who else misses the old fgteev intro and outro

    65. Flame Dude Playz

      FGTeev: Soooooo scared Me: BRUH YOUR IN CREATIVE MODE BOT.!?13

    66. Kien Mark Manio

      make a minecraft prop hunt video on hidenseak

    67. GiselaX

      Lol that was tha trampoling block not tha spirlo block

    68. Jaster James Alzate


    69. Veronica Flores

      Hi fgteev play Minecraft with family now

    70. Sabrina Johnson

      I hate you know I am just kidding messing around

    71. Pug Squad

      How to get the Lucky box in micraft

    72. Oriel Lugasi TV


    73. Nathaniel Masih

      That's. actually FUNNY!!!!!

    74. Laura Taylor


    75. Dream


    76. Elliott Short

      7:59 be like lol

    77. Veena P

      I love your red ball videos and Minecraft videos and draw a Stickman videos and roblox videos

    78. Steven

      Preston is *ALSO* my favorite youtuber I did the “* *” if you have bad eyes....

    79. taj tabir


    80. Len DiMaggio


    81. Baconman gaming

      You thought that that was a villager it was a witch

    82. Baconman gaming

      I love your vids

    83. Baconman gaming

      Are you real

    84. Annabella Wolff

      I think it’s you sissy

    85. assassin creed


    86. Sofia De Guia

      i sleep and 1:00 Am

    87. Sheene Oviedo

      good game play fgteev you like my family's and I'm cool game i

    88. Kaeston Hammons

      DUddy You literally made a song that says fortnight better give me my kids back you’re addicted to fortnight two

    89. Jeremy Scarberry

      It didn't give me any robox

    90. Sarah Yole

      Yo fyehgy

    91. Sarah Yole


    92. Lukas Cheng

      🤣😂😅hahahahahahah GG ONG

    93. Kemra Molo


    94. Kemra Molo


    95. Averie Nketiah

      Your house is pretty good Princeton House not cool you can also true Briggs will not make me cry

    96. Kevin karl uy

      but i have already supported you in roblox

    97. ام يوسف هندي

      I can't download Minecraft

    98. King Vincent

      fgteev Should play Minecraft but put herobrine

    99. Monica Paredes

      When u saw this I cried so much I was so happy

      1. Monica Paredes

        @Jie Ann Arapol uh

      2. Jie Ann Arapol


    100. Cody Tucker

      i am a fan and i m 6 and my name is faith and i love you