AMONG US in VR CHAT! Virtual Reality is SUS! (FGTeeV 1st Person Gameplay)


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    🎮Download FGTeeV's New GOOZY Game!
    This is like playing Among Us in Real Life! VR CHAT Among Us is made so well, it may be hard to play the original again! 300 Billion Thumbs up if we should play VR CHAT again. ;) Thanks to @thinknoodles for joining us! Now... please...🔔SUBSCRIBE or else You're Sus ➡ (Press the 🔔 ONLY if you're not the Impostor)
    Piggy Book 2 Chapter 3, Among Us Again & Goozy Part 2 should all be coming next week, so stay tuned!
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    Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    1. FGTeeV

      Yooo!! Among Us in VR CHAT is SICK!!!! and so is our New Mobile Game "GZ Y" .. It's Out Now! DOWNLOAD it FREE, HERE: ... Happy Halloween ers!

      1. Ivon Frias


      2. abdirahman Dirie


      3. Banu Turkmen

        Goozy is the best game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Sonia Landa

        GT with Elijah I'm a big fan

      5. 囡囡nn3707


    2. Roel Romer Bagas


    3. LPS Frosty Fields

      I think the, “gumball kitty thing” that Shawn was talking about is referring to thinknoodles video on that one “mousy” Roblox game- they added the amazing world of gumball to it-

    4. vanessa garcia


    5. B Woods

      hi thinknoodles hi alexis hi fgteev hi chase hi mike hi moomy hi shawn

    6. ricardo zelaya


    7. Ashlie Frassetto


    8. Abdirahman Farah


    9. Abdirahman Farah


    10. Maryam Chaima

      This game is harder than a Mangus

      1. Maryam Chaima

        This game is harder then Among us

    11. Lillian Stone

      "Pasters?" -Shawn 2020

    12. Fely Garcia

      Heres is the part 9:25

    13. CriticisFine

      9:58 i died out laughing for some reason

    14. Esme

      Y!!!!duque y

    15. Esme


    16. Esme


    17. saju anu

      OMG I want to play

    18. Anvil WorldAnimation2021

      EeeeeeeeeGurkey! I knew it

    19. Rhea R. Chavez

      6 okFgteev ehra hahahahaha

    20. Its_ Ponce

      I know why mommy can't play you did not update the game on that computer

    21. Izhar Jamai

      You such a liar lex when you are a impostor

    22. saranya varadan


    23. Sophia Merida

      i had i 1hr add

    24. Room 3

      its thinknoodlse

    25. Jay Baugher

      I love case

    26. NB - SFKP 958352 Birchbank PS

      So funny

    27. ryan Rai

      Fgteev you but a lady say shot and that made me mad

    28. Random FGTeeV Fan

      And i was born 2013 the channel started in 2013 so i was a month old

    29. Joe Hernandez


    30. Noah Garcia


    31. Noah Garcia

      Tc really

    32. Noah Garcia


    33. Noah Garcia


    34. Noah Garcia

      Ooooooo. Fgeev. ?

    35. Carboard DRAGON

      at 12:28 sombody in door glass

    36. Noah Garcia

      The first thing that you would do was to make it more use these things a?

    37. Noah Garcia


    38. Alejandro Romero

      I love Gucci

    39. Carboard DRAGON

      ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

    40. Mary Rose


    41. Valerie Mercer

      Happy birthday to you YES it was in my room ill sing a sec dev on the big screen went to the door is up to me

    42. Jonathan Ha

      yo FGTEEV why Think Blue

    43. Rayan Benhadine

      So funny

    44. - Felix -

      Mike: bita an quita tila fon , Shawn: *kills*

    45. Longest name

      The only ones who are truly playing vr are chase and think

      1. Lanika Davis


    46. Monte Minasian


    47. KB

      I love Shawn he is soooooooo cute my mom love Shawn to

    48. KB

      I feel soooooooo bad for mommy

    49. Meeque LB

      Y’all should do it again but on the new airship map

      1. •Lemon Tea Tab Rumah•シ


    50. A&J Kumar

      Baby sleeping

    51. A&J Kumar


    52. A&J Kumar


    53. fcsewqerty658


    54. Josiah Aguirre

      Shut up mike you lost to


      10:58 Moomy is ready

    56. Trinh Pham

      Mommy need to update

    57. M Anaya


    58. M Anaya


    59. Aaron king

      Shawn is so cute

    60. Darren Alexander

      🍕 🌭 🍦

    61. Jake Ung

      That’s good son

    62. Darren Alexander

      😆😆 lol 😆😆 moomy

    63. Jake Ung

      You should he just got dinosaur shooting yes

    64. Jake Ung

      Should the dinosaurs I want to go to dinosaur

    65. naruto1324 WAHAB

      Wait there is 2 two black...?

    66. Mayra Alejandra

      V vgyuyu

    67. Kimbella Sanchez

      I love your game crazy because it is so fun

    68. Evita Vileikyte

      Is lex!!!

    69. Evita Vileikyte

      Aamm?? Fgtevy? Is momy

    70. Azra Fazlic


    71. Sophia Mendoza

      I REALLY REALLY LAUGHED At chase the electric la La

    72. Jandryx Bacani


    73. Jandryx Bacani


    74. Aliaa Ali Salah Mahmoud Saleh

      yooo among us in vr chat

    75. Lady Vids


    76. Steven Joseph

      I have it

      1. Steven Joseph

        Do have it why you think we don’t have it hey OK OK

    77. Quency Coloyan

      11:27 is it just me who noticed that there's someone behind the door...creepy

    78. SCP MTF Alpha-1

      16:16 shawn: you're my son finknoodles thinknoodles: ddddaaadddd (and I don't know why Shawn say finknoodles then thinknooles so don't Judge me)

    79. Megan Pierce

      Fgteev duddy growing up:👶🏻-👦🏻-🙇🏻

    80. johngabriel gamingboy70

      I download in my mom phone

    81. Amber Beauchem


    82. Vincent Clements

      Hi FGTeeV!! I AM A BIG FAN!! Please play more FNaF: Help Wanted!!

    83. rebeccadylan1


    84. Nathan Prodanovic


    85. Among us Clan

      He just switched to VR head set

    86. Among us Clan

      Mike did something wrong when he became the inposter

    87. Among us Clan

      Think is smart you guy’s need to vote dead mike in amoung us

    88. Glitter Cats

      Random same bus stop I don’t like mascara OK and that’s it I just don’t think that survey

    89. Luke Arber

      What do you call a fake noodle an im- pasta

    90. Thiaris Garcia


    91. SFS Channel

      12:27 did you guys see what is that on the door

    92. Space Princess Grieco

      i got goozy

    93. Dashawn Jones

      &#&dsvvdfbs vc$w swsw&b4trdv How do you play among us how do you play among us apply how you do k go+bavwt

    94. Lucas aucoin

      Goozy and anoung us are better than Piggy

    95. reinhart Sambiran

      FGTEEV 👍👍👍👍

    96. reinhart Sambiran


    97. Svetlana Lichvarova

      I download

    98. Manuel Henley

      What VR head set do you have

    99. heiehs8dbe hfiSenior