Roblox PIGGY Book 2 Chapter 3: REFINERY + Zizzy's Infected? (FGTeeV Family Escape)


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    Finally, we are back in ROBLOX and PIGGY. Chapter 3 done whooped our backsides!!! Ouch!
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    FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    1. Hawa Ibrahim

      Me too I was eating Candy 🍬

    2. Jedimaster Trooper

      Play chapter 4, 5, 6, 7. Thank you 😊

    3. Leidis Rodriguez

      Goozy kind of boring for me

    4. 0lyse dofa

      pls make a sus map in piggy pls

    5. andrei gonzales

      fgteev new capter is capter 4

    6. Jennifer Tan

      I like lexs outfit in roblox

    7. Amaris Black

      WHEN SHAWN SAID “I bet your eating candy right now “ I WAS

    8. Nikita Massay

      i have goozy fgteev

    9. Tymir Gaines


      1. Tymir Gaines

        Love your videos

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    11. Celia Gómez

      goozy is soo FUN but i get schard

    12. Jemel YT

      There's like a lot of guards in refinery

    13. Safia Alarimi

      How do you sans no I’m eating candy right now

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    15. Craig Weatherer

      At 911 it’s love

    16. Craig Weatherer

      A 911 it’s love

    17. Craig Weatherer

      At 911 I love

    18. Trista Lomotan

      pony Zizzy huyti?

    19. RJacks1033 TheBestGamer

      I hav ir

    20. vanan nguyen

      i just addd friended FGteeV XD

    21. Cyrus james Delan

      Why did I do dat

    22. Cyrus james Delan


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    24. Rizky Ayu Mulya

      14:53 pony is like a kid with a car

    25. Rizky Ayu Mulya

      Your lex dress is cool! (Lex avatar)

    26. Takita Clark


    27. tim ebarb

      Fgteev Roblox piggy book 2

    28. tim ebarb


    29. tim ebarb


    30. Najay Pantry


    31. Najay Pantry


      1. Nikita Massay

        lol you dumb rigt now

    32. Bhuvan Lolabhattu

      one question did chase just said a bad word

      1. Nikita Massay

        yes i just saw that when shawn got killed dubble killed

    33. Nickolas Fuentes Garcia

      Me : eating marshmallows Shawn: you are eating candy :me I don’t feel comfortable :0

      1. Nikita Massay

        ummmm that is not good eating candy

    34. Chet Khatri

      Play Fnaf vr again

      1. Nikita Massay

        i will with fgteev

    35. Vanessa Lisboa

      I didn’t subscribe though

    36. Vanessa Lisboa

      I joined your group

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      Can I be your family member?

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      I’m a big fan

    39. Vanessa Lisboa

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    41. Karmen Yousif

      Your my god fav youtube4

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    43. Leanne Merryman

      I em not eating candy right now

    44. Erin Daley

      Its been sobre long

    45. Sophia Almodiel


      1. Sophia Almodiel

        @Nikita Massay I am talking about the end.!

      2. Nikita Massay

        ummm what are you taking about are you talking about then end of the chapter sophia and i wath you

    46. Ronit Gilotra

      yoi chapter 4 chapter 5 and chapter 6 is out play it

      1. Nikita Massay

        ok dude

    47. natalie hemmings

      Is it daddy or doudie I forgot

      1. Nikita Massay


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      It's loading to be downloaded now I just downloaded fgteev doozy

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        i did not play it but i have goozy

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      Play roblox break in story

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      So cool 😎

      1. Nikita Massay

        what ok cool forr huh

      2. T Madome

        Ok thanks

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      4. Blue :]

        Want more ok

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    55. ALDREI

      I don't know closer examination of my com for us

    56. Ewon Challam

      Among us

      1. Nikita Massay

        i play amog us and i have it

    57. auviaaa

      Shawn: oh my godddd what are you doingggg!?

    58. Gregorio Alvarez

      Shawns a legend keeper how did he know i was eating candy

    59. Lorraine Day


      1. Nikita Massay

        ummm you sus ok real lexs

    60. Rogelio Tomas R Redondo

      And call the apekz ape chase

    61. Nickia Hughes


      1. Nikita Massay

        me too i love your channle too

    62. Rogelio Tomas R Redondo

      Make a other game just combine good and apekz so first dha is guzzi nt people is the lake the sing like all of you you're lying the shooting things i like to call guzzi

      1. Nikita Massay

        yass that good?

    63. Laurie Streck

      I have both of your books

      1. Nikita Massay

        i do not have your books ok

    64. DysonSo Litt

      J 8

    65. Infinite Galaxy


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    67. zayden Richardson

      Chapter 7 is coming on Saturday

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      I was eating sweets

    70. Spooky Vr

      Your not color blind how you know red cyan

    71. flower_moongalaxy

      This is funny

    72. Houria Anna

      Fgteev daddy you kane play murder mysteri 2 you and chase and mike and lex pls

    73. Houria Anna

      Fgteev daddy you kane play murder mysteri 2 you and chase and mike pls 😎

    74. Houria Anna

      I love fgteev and you can doing chapter 4 and 5 and6😙😅😅😅

      1. Nikita Massay

        dang you chill bro okkk

    75. Daksh Sharma

      Play piggy chapter 4 5 6

    76. Franchesca de guzman

      hey fgteev duddz if you went in the room it is a guard you remmember that pony said?

    77. Elijah Ebnezer Raj

      lol i was eating Chocolate

      1. Nikita Massay

        no eating cady okkkkk evryone is eating cady okkk chill right noww

    78. ThatguyWithaMonocle

      Duddy: *Dies* Chase: *Doesn't die*

      1. Nikita Massay

        that right case is good at the game and evry game ok i like how case dose evry thing ok guys

    79. Noer Shadia

      Lol 😂😜😋👍😹

      1. Nikita Massay

        shut upp

    80. FNAF Mario Minecraft Gaming plushy

      That good but fgteev piggy book 2 chapter 4,5,6 is out

      1. Nikita Massay

        yup play it ok i will cill ok

    81. von Umerez


    82. Mandi Graham

      How did shawn konw that I was eating candy

      1. Nikita Massay

        stop with the cady stuff ok guys

    83. Charmaine Agarap

      Her pants maybe content deleted thats why her pants is like that?

      1. Nikita Massay

        i agree but its not it the conecin

    84. Blanca Tenesaca

      2:28 Lexi. Wait Why can they kill us too

      1. Nikita Massay

        um i got kill i am lexi

    85. Isairys the boss

      Hello ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    87. Carina Mejia

      How come good deal on a get a get a family member is not that likes my knees because when I first download it I thought you had to do t to do

      1. Nikita Massay

        yeah me to on my daddy ipad when daddy let me and then i got so happy because it was fun but i was sacerd

    88. Braytan Lamanske

      When you say spongebob looks at TV I watching it

      1. Nikita Massay

        nothing i got to say ok

      2. Nikita Massay

        ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    89. Happy Family

      I’m so sorry

      1. Nikita Massay

        i am so sad for you :(

      2. Nikita Massay

        its ok bude

    90. Happy Family

      I don’t like when you play book to and piggy because Chase doesn’t know a lot about piggy

    91. Connor Plays

      When Shawn said 8 bet you are eating candy right now me: Crunching and munching on M&M’s

      1. Susan Flint

        Everybody: eats candy when Shawn says I bet your your eating candy Me: eating lots and lots of healthy stuff when he says.

      2. Connor Plays


    92. Abby Meese

      I love the vids you make I am a kid but a big fan

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    94. Iveth Ramirez

      Book2 chapter3 is the saddest chapters of all and also ch6

    95. Paul Tierney

      I love this video it is so good that I watch it every day

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    97. Andreas Werkmann


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    99. Wazzy Muza

      Finnish ch 13

    100. Asir Mahmood